Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Withdrawing into Lent

On the eve of Lent, I am struggling with many worries. One adult child whose mental state is once again pretty bad, elderly parents struggling with my dad's dementia, job worries, etc.

I will be trying to limit my time on the internet, and trying to find more quiet time for prayer and reflection. I have to give all this worry over to God, or it will consume me. All day I have been longing to turn the corner and enter Lent...my life has felt off balance and unstructured for the past few weeks. I have been fighting a minor bout of depression myself, and it sapped my energy and will. I see Lent as my chance at healing, but I understand that it may mean opening up some old wounds so that things can heal aright.

If you read this post, please spare me a prayer during this Lent.


  1. Charming blog, Lydia P. Thanks for linking to the video on my blog.

    I hear you on the post above.

  2. I am sorry you are struggling with depression. I will certainly pray for you during lent.

    God bless